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Walt Disney's Beauty and The Beast
    Plot: While imprisoned in the castle of a monstrous beast, 
  Belle finds the goodness hidden behind the beast's monstrous exterior.


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Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture 
The first animated feature to win a Golden Globe 
for Best Picture - Musical or Comedy.
Robby Benson & Beast © Disney
Robby Benson
Paige O'Hara & Belle © Disney
Paige O'Hara
Richard White & Gaston © Disney
Richard White
David Ogden Stiers & Cogsworth © Disney
David Ogden Stiers

In the French release, Cogsworth's name is Big Ben, after the famous clock in London.
Jerry Orbach & Lumiere © Disney   
Jerry Orbach
Angela Lansbury & Mrs Potts © Disney
Angela Lansbury
Mrs Potts
Jesse Corti & Lefou © Disney
Jesse Corti

The name of Gaston's sidekick, Lefou, pronounces just like the French words meaning "the idiot", "the fool" or "the insane".
Rex Everhardt © Disney
Rex Everhardt

So, you've come to stare at the BEAST, haven't you? -Beast

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It was lyricist and executive producer Howard Ashman who came up with the idea of turning the enchanted objects into living creatures with unique personalities.


The movie uses 1,295 painted backgrounds and 120,000 drawings.

Many of paintings on the walls of the castle are undetailed versions of famous paintings by such artists as Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Goya.

Chip: Are they gonna live happily ever after, Mama?
Mrs. Potts: Of course, my dear. Of course.
Chip: Do I still have to sleep in the cupboard?

An enchantress disguised as an old beggar woman offers a young prince a rose in exchange for a night's shelter. When he coldly turns her away, she punishes him by transforming him into an ugly beast and turning his servants into household items. She gives him a magic mirror that enables him to view faraway events, along with the rose, which will bloom until his 21st birthday. He must love and be loved in return before the rose's petals have fallen off, or he will remain a beast forever.

Years later, a beautiful young woman named Belle lives in a nearby French village with her father Maurice, an inventor who people believe to be crazy. Belle loves reading and yearns for a life beyond the village. Her beauty and non-conformity attracts attention in the town and she is pursued by many men, but mostly the arrogant local hunter, Gaston. Despite being sought after by single females and considered godlike in perfection by the male population of the town, Belle is uninterested in Gaston.

As Maurice travels to a fair to present his wood-chopping machine, he gets lost on the way and is chased by wolves before stumbling upon the Beast's castle, where he meets the transformed servants Lumière, a candelabra, Cogsworth, a clock, Mrs. Potts, a teapot, and her son Chip, a teacup. The Beast imprisons Maurice, but Belle is led back to the castle by Maurice's horse, Phillipe, and offers to take her father's place, to which the Beast agrees. While Gaston is sulking over his humiliation in the tavern after a failed proposal to Belle, Maurice tells him and the other villagers what happened but they think he has gone insane.

At the castle, the Beast orders Belle to dine with him, but she refuses, and Lumiere disobeys his order not to let her eat. After Cogsworth gives her a tour of the castle, she finds the rose in the forbidden West Wing and the Beast angrily chases her away. Frightened, she tries to flee, but she and her horse are attacked by wolves. After the Beast rescues her, she nurses his wounds, and he begins to develop feelings for her. The Beast grants Belle access to the castle library, which impresses Belle and they become friends, growing closer as they spend more time together. Meanwhile, the spurned Gaston pays the warden of the town's insane asylum to have Maurice committed unless Belle agrees to Gaston's marriage proposal.

Back at the castle Belle and the Beast share a romantic evening together. Belle tells the Beast she misses her father, and he lets her use the magic mirror to see him. When Belle sees him dying in the woods in an attempt to rescue her, the Beast allows her to leave to rescue her father, giving her the mirror to remember him by. As he watches her leave, the Beast admits to Cogsworth that he loves Belle.

Belle finds her father and takes him home. Gaston arrives to carry out his plan, but Belle proves Maurice's sanity by showing them the Beast with the magic mirror. Realizing Belle has feelings for the Beast, Gaston arouses the mob's anger against the Beast, telling them that the Beast is a man-eating monster that must be killed, and leads them to the castle. Gaston confines Belle and Maurice in the basement, but Chip, who had hidden himself in Belle's baggage, uses Maurice's wood-chopper to release them.

The servants scare off the mob, but Gaston sneaks away to hunt down the Beast. The Beast is initially too depressed to fight back, but he regains his will when he sees Belle returning to the castle with Maurice. After winning a heated battle, the Beast spares Gaston's life, giving him a chance to leave the castle and is about to reunite with Belle. However, Gaston, refusing to lose, stabs the Beast from behind, but loses his balance and plummets down to his death.

When the Beast dies, Belle professes her love for him, breaking the spell as the rose's last petal falls. The Beast comes back to life, his human form restored. As he and Belle kiss, the castle and its inhabitants return to their previous states as well. Belle and the prince dance in the ballroom with her father and the humanized servants happily watching.

 The Beast's real name is Prince Adam according the Beauty and the Beast Broadway musical that

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